About Floralí Licensing BV

Floralí Licensing BV is a commercial service provider that operates entirely independently of any plant breeder or producer. Our full focus is on the product and the species. The first step in the process is to examine each new variety offered to us very carefully. We determine:

  • demand in the market for the variety (species) in question
  • which variety dominates the current market and what gaps there are in the market

If the new variety gives added value in light of market demandsIf a variety qualifies for a trial programme, Floralí Licensing BV begins trials as soon as possible with several companies specialised in producing that particular variety.

By involving specialist market players, we can ensure good feedback from those who have a real understanding of the variety on trial.  If the variety performs well in the trials, the next step is to arrange the licensing and grower's legal protection of the variety.

Trials take place at the expense and risk of Floralí Licensing BV, while the plant breeder makes the plant material available. Protection costs are usually paid by us in advance and recovered later with incoming royalties. We also cover the expense of drawing up the licensing contracts since we have the specialist know-how in house. Any infringement cases that we initiate are done in consultation with the plant breeder. We cover all extra-judicial costs, but we pay additional legal costs in advance so that we may recover them later when the damages or royalties come in.

All our services are provided based on a percentage of monies actually received. The percentage rate that applies depends on the specific case.
Of course, it’s always possible to make different arrangements with us.

Our employees have many years of experience in agriculture and horticulture. As a result, we know the market players, the popular ranges and the demand for new varieties in the marketplace.

Our sister company, Hortis Legal, handles infringement cases on our behalf. Hortis Legal is an international service provider in intellectual property, and it specialises in plant breeders' rights. It’s been advising plant breeders and growers on breeders' rights for more than twenty years. Our partnership with Hortis Legal allows us to take action in a fast, professional manner whenever plant breeders' rights are breached.

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Floralí Licensing B.V.
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