Advising on new varieties

For growers of finished plants and propagating companies, Floralí Licensing can give inside information on new breeding work that is in the pipe line, new breeding goals that are set and will lead to new varieties.  This may be very valuable for growers of finished plants because for information on new varieties, they most of the time have to rely on their current suppliers of youngplants. And for propagating companies it may lead to new ideas for additions to the current assortment, setting up of trials with new varieties etc.


New Breeding Techniques (NBT), new genetic engineering methods that could increase and accelerate the development of new traits in plant breeding, may also lead to the opening of gateways to a whole new range of new varieties. These new techniques often involve genome editing. The intention of genome editing is is to modify DNA at specific locations within the genes of the plant, so that the new intended traits and properties are produced in that plant. Growers and propagators need to know what the development is in these new genetic engineering techniques, and what it can bring for them.

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