Creating networks

Floralí Licensing has established a very good relationship with all players in the industry, such as propagators, growers of finished products, wholesailers and retailers. As a result, Floralí Licensing is able to set up introduction strategies even starting at the retail level and then working back towards the growers of finished products and the propagating companies. This increases the changes of succesful introductions significantly as production is set up on the basis of marketing strategies and plans, and not the other way around.
The worldwide development is more and more global marketing with retailers that operate globally. Not only super market chains, but also big box stores and home improvement stores like Ikea. These retailers demand availbility of finished product globally in a programmed way, even planned sometimes until 2 years ahead of time.

And finished products being delivered in accordance with strict characteristics. As a result, the focus is more an more on programmable products, which is of course always a challenge for plants and flowers. Growers at the same time get more and more tools to control growing circumstances of the plants, such as artificial light, temperature, relative humidty and fertilizer. The trend is even towards growing in growing cells, without any natural light, so that all growing circumstances can be controlled 100%. This all poses new breeding goals.

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