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Floralí Licensing has a wide experience with handling infringement cases. It sister company Hortis Legal has been handling infringement cases in the field of plant breeders' rights for more than 20 years and has its own specialised and dedicated legal advisors in house to take care of infringement cases. The fact that both Floralí Licensing and Hortis Legal are very active in the field of plant breeders' rights protection, means a great level of concrete knowhow in the field PBR, which comes in very handy when handling PBR infringement cases.

In order to handle infringement cases well, not only legal skills are required. Knowledge about the species in question, how it is propagated, grown and traded is also required, as well as knowledge about breeding methods used to obtain new varieties within in the species. Floralí Licensing has that knowledge and is therefore, together with its sister company Hortis Legal, very skilled and ready to take on any plant breeders' rights infringement case.

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