Royalty collection

Floralí Licensing carries out all her work on the basis of a certain percentage of the collected royalties. This means that for Floralí Licensing all due royalties are as much as possible collected and that this is done in a timely fashion. The whole royalty reporting and calculation setup has therefore been automated at Floralí Licensing so that the process is carried out with maximum efficiency. Collected royalties are kept at a special 'thrid party bank account' so that they do not become an asset of Floralí Licensing but rather directly from that third party bank account, paid out to the breeder. Each customer has the right to call for an audit of the books of Floralí Licensing, as we are sure that everything is 100% in order on that front.


Royalties are collected in the right contractual currency and all applicable VAT rules as well as royalty source tax rules are taken into account.
Floralí Licensings trives to pay out all due royalty's within 45 days after the ending of a royalty report. Whether this can always be met, depends also on the speed of payment of the licencees of course.

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