Setting breeding goals

Setting the right breeding goals is of utmost importance for the breeders. Floralí Licensing can on per species do its best to advise breeder what are the most important breeding goals.
Creating a beautiful new variety with super nice ornamental value is of course a nice thing. But what is the multiplication factor of the plant, what is the growing time of the plant, how does the finished product hold up during a 3 day transport in the dark or at 8 degrees Celcius, can the finished plant take 12 degrees Celicus and 25% RV conditions during the night at the sales point for up to one week? All very important and characteristics and maybe very relevant. And of course there are many, many more factors that need to be taken into account.


Also the developments in the market pose new demands on breeding programmes. Growing under 100% controlled conditions in climate cells with artificial light may mean that varieties react very differently than when grown under natural conditions.  Sustainable growing means amongst other things growing with use of less energy, less fertilizers, less chemicals. Also this poses new demands on breeding programmes. Just a few factors to take into account, but there are many, many more.

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