Setting marketing strategies

After it has become clear that a new variety or a new series of varieties have the characteristics and market potential required for introduction, Floralí Licensing carefully maps possible market introductions. is the product a mass market product and must Floralí Licensing therefore go directly for the retailer and the mass producer? Or is it more nice procuct, maybe dedicated more to be introduced via small independent flower shops and flower arrangers, with small numbers and high pricing in combination with a top quality supreme product? Name creation, packaging, are also factors that Floralí Licensing carefully takes into account, and has wide experience with.

Floralí Licensing takes care of the preparation of commercial pictures of varieties that fall in her portfolio, which pictures are then made available to the licensees and traders so that they may be used for marketing purposes. Also Floralí Licensing works with two important advertising agencies for the creation of new trademark names, logo's, packings, housstyles etc.
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