Sourcing new varieties

Floralí Licensing, during the more than 20 years that it has been active, has built op a wordwide network of excited breeders. Some of these breeders are in fact professional companies and other breeders do it more out of hobby. All are however passionate about their breeding work. 
It is however amazing that yet each year new breeders, with new exciting varieties contact Floralí Licensing for the first time. The options in genera and species seem so vast and there is so much exiting breeding work to do. Also intergeneric and interspecific breeding have become more commonplace, creating even vastly more opportunities. 


One very important source of new varieties is the a so valuable network of agents of Floralí Licensing. Companies as Plant Management Australia are indeed a super important source for new varieties.

Also Floralí licensing sees that growers of finished products have become more and more aware that having own varieties, own breeding work, is a very important asset to the company. In this way, Floralí Licensing also has obtained more recently access to series of new varieties, bred by experts in the market, thus with a focus on the crusial variety characteristics.

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