Launching new varieties

Floralí Licensing has a worldwide network of propagators of finshed products as well as youngplant producers. The growers in question belong most often to the current market leaders in their own country. Traditionally, licensing was focussed more on introduction per country. But in recent times we see a shift to global introduction, with youngpalnt companies operating more and more on a worldwide level and also retailers being active worldwide with a worldwide porfolio of products. In the future, Floralí licensing foresees that in particular retailers operating worldwide, will take the lead in deciding what will be made available to the consumer and from there work its way back to production. For growers this means very careful planning of production, closing contracts up to 2 years in advance with retailers and limiting their production more and more to crops that can really be timed and planned, rather than plants that bloom spontaneously.

Market trends are of course of utmost importance, such as the trend of big green plants and the 'back to nature' sentiment that we see at the consumer level already from mid 2017.


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